“The capacity to learn is a Gift, the ability to learn is a Skill and the willingness to learn is a Choice”.
Brian Herbert

To enable the student community with the skills and technologies, we conduct workshops; which gives a student Hands on practical experience.

Every workshop is organized in such a way, where a student has an opportunity to code or work on the theoretical knowledge which he/she has acquired, simultaneously, which in turn builds confidence in a student. 85% of the time students will be sitting on the system and writing code. In each of the workshops, a student will be writing at least 600 lines of code

Skill Priority awards appreciation certificates to all participants. Merit certificates will be awarded to those students who excel in the workshop.

One-to-One Assistance
70% Hands-on 30% theory
Internship Opportunities for students who do exceptionally well in the workshops
Free Technical Assistance during the workshops
Nice workshops
Free webinars from Skill Prioity
Skill Priority kits will be provided
Access to Online portal to keep the learning curve consistent

All Available Workshop