Free Webinar on Python Essentials Part-1

Happened on : Webinar has been ended
Duration : 60 mins

In this Skill Priority webinar had presented by Rajan Chettri, host of the TalkPython and PythonBytes podcasts, webinar Participants learned Python using 5 of the best features. Rajan had provided a live coding session showing Python examples for Industrial Use Cases.

Learning Objectives
  1. Python lightning refresher
  2. Tuple assignment and unpacking
  3. Dictionaries for performance
  4. Generators
  5. Leverage inline methods with lambda expressions
  6. __slots__
Webinar Highlights
  1. Hands on Practice
  2. Experienced Educator from Industry
  3. Webinar Participants would get a Participation Certificate from Skill Priority
Using these best features and best practices of the Python language, you will be learn how to write more efficient and readable code which will also will enable you to pick up other Python libraries more quickly. Register with us for more details.

Webinar Leader