Free Webinar on Powerful Data Visualization Tool- Tableau

Happening on : 4th Nov 2018 @ 12:00PM IST
Duration : 60 mins

In this Skill Priority webinar presented by Rajan Chettri on Tableau as it become the trend of today. The huge amount of data that is generated every second through various inputs is termed as big unstructured data. These data can be structured and used for the best use in business. Tableau is used to structure the Data in the Graphical form and currently is considered as the wisest solution for Data visualization.

Learning Objectives
  1. Importance of Tableau?
  2. Direct Connection with Statistical Packages ?
  3. Splitting Data Columns?
  4. All New Tableau Discover Side Menu ?
  5. Connecting to Data Source
  6. Dynamically Fast Tool Tip
Webinar Highlights
  1. Hands on Practice
  2. Experienced Educator from Industry
  3. Webinar Participants will get a Participation Certificate from Skill Priority

Webinar Leader

If you have been hearing about Data visualization and want to know more then this is the right place for you. Tableau is the evolution of supercomputing for commercial enterprise and governments. Originally the domain of companies operating at Internet scale, today Data visualization using Tableau connects organizations of all sizes with discovery about their patterns, and insights into their business.